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A message from the Directors

Firstly - thank you for your enquiry. Our aim is to give the best possible products at a price range that is both fair and affordable. We CARE about the reasons for your enquiry whether it be chronic pain, poor sleep , mobility issues or poor circulation. Our company ethos is built around offering a better quality of life - not just selling a product.

We are very proud of our range having spent years of research to design medical devices that work and not just pieces of furniture (Although they still look really good in the home!)

Having a quality product does not mean a hike in prices - we buy and sell in huge volumes and pass the savings on to benefit you.

In addition we deliver and install to most areas in Australia. Local and urban deliveries are much cheaper for us so again we pass those savings on. Finally we offer rebates to pensioners and those with disabilities or  health issues. For these reasons it is not possible to publish a firm price list until we know some more details. Usually a quick  informal discussion by text, email or telephone will ensure you are getting the right advice and price for the item you are purchasing. All our staff are properly  trained in the products with the aim of assisting you to get what you need and we do not employ the usual pushy sales people.

To assist with your decision we offer ZERO deposit ZERO interest payment plans to approved applicants. 

Try us out - Call 1300 144961 - email or text 0428 427538 (we will reply by text and not call you unless requested)

Below you will find all the features of our products and also a must read buying guide to buying Adjustable beds and Lift up Recliner Chairs

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Bed Buying Guide

(Beware of cheap copies)

Cheap Copy


Cheap Copy Beds

  • This is the full bed with mattress

  • Only four legs for support

  • No base support (see (1) above)

  • Poor quality framework

  • No underbed lighting

  • Cheap quality lifting motors

  • Poor range of lifting positions

  • Not designed to look good in the home

  • Poor or conditional warranties 

You will see these beds in stores and all over the net with low (but not that low) pricing to attract people buying purely on price. Buying on price alone will not help you achieve the reasons for the purchase in the first instance.





  • ACAA bed without mattress

  • Six legs for complete support

  • Additional base support with full metal frame all around the base (See (2) above

  • Separate lifting platform (See (3) above)

  • High quality powder coated steel construction

  • Underbed lighting and USB charging points either side of bed

  • High quality German OKIN brand lifting motors

  • Over 1,000 positions to ensure positional relief when needed.

  • Sleek design to look like a quality piece of furniture in home

  • Massage function with variable intensity and timer to assist with circulation.

  • Five year full warranty on all parts

"It does not matter how inexpensive it is -

                              If it doesn`t get the job done it`s a waste of time and money."

Mattress Buying Guide

There are thousands of mattresses in the market today. From very cheap ($300) to very expensive (Over $10,000) They all claim to be the best and offer a variety of features. The majority of information is purely marketing hype - the more expensive mattress is not necessarily better and the cheaper mattresses are generally lack postural support and a good nights sleep.

Mattress mainly fall into two categories - Inner sprung and foam.

Inner sprung mattresses are the traditional style and have been available in different formats (large sprung, small sprung, varying zones etc.) but they all have two main issues - hygiene and lack of total support. No matter how small they make the spring it still cannot fit the contours of the body and may often result in bed sores. You cannot wash a sprung mattress and it will gain significantly in weight over the years by absorbing skin, sweat, body fluids and a mass of bacteria and insects

We spent significant time talking to health professionals along with extensive research. We then tried and tested a countless number of different styles and types before we arrived at the mattress we use and recommend - a memory foam medium firm mattress. Over the years we have had so many people telling us that they now have the best night`s sleep they have had in years. Very, very few have found the mattress to be not to their requirements.

The features of a memory foam mattress include:-

  • Total support offering correct skeletal alignment

  • Reduced bed sores

  • Anti allergenic, Anti Dust mite, Mildew resistant - no carcinogenic materials used.

  • Zip removable washable cover - Just take the cover off and put it in the wash!

  • Open cell technology allowing the mattress to breathe

  • Gel infused foam to keep the mattress cool

Poor support             
Total Body Support             

Memory Foam Mattresses give more support than any other Mattress


Don`t put it off any longer -

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