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As we get older or after an illness, accident or operation, we may struggle to get in and out of a chair. This can badly affect our independence requiring a constant carer to assist with this most basic of needs. Lift up recliner chairs facilitate getting out of or into a chair at the touch of a button.

Advancements in technology have added other beneficial features. The introduction of massage therapy can greatly improve both the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage reducing the suffering from a variety of ailments.

Whilst massage therapy is not a cure for anything, it can offer temporary and repeatable relief. This coupled with a heat feature and multiple different sitting positions will also offer great relief right where and when you need it.

  • Help soothe those aching muscles with the added benefit of heat

  • Let the multiple styles and intensities of massage work on your circulation in the comfort of your chair

  • Maintain your independence. Let the chair do the work to lift you out and in

  • Easy to use and all with just the press of a button


Nature is a wonderful thing. It presents us all with a variety of shapes and shapes and sizes and we recognise that one chair will not suit everybody so we offer a full range suiting short to tall and slim to the more curvy individual. In addition we feature a chair that has a HiLo ability (raising the chair vertically) to help those in need of nursing attendance.



The Manhattan is our smaller chair best suited for those under 160kg.

Complete with assisted lift function helping joint strain for those who need the added assistance when sitting or standing.

- Assisted lift funtion

- Heating function

- Gentle massage function

- Full recline

- Cup holders

The New Yorker

The New Yorker is our largest Chair.

Enormous seat size and a full 220 Kgs lift capacity to suit our curviest of clients.

Classed as a Bariatric Chair, there are very few on the market and none that we know that also offer heat and massage

- Assisted lift function

- Gentle massage function

- Heat function

- Partial recline

- Cup holders

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